This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Mission: the first landing and steps on the moon.
In line with many happenings around the world, Bellcate School is hosting a Space Project. Some of the topics covered include- Space X launch of the unmanned Dragon Rocket and other amazing activities at the ISS as well as steps towards the Mars Mission. “Students have learned amazing things and are having great class discussions about all of this,” explains Susanne Michaelson, Bellcate’s Social Studies Department Head. At Bellcate this quarter, we have 3 book clubs who are reading “Endurance,” by Scott Kelly, “No Dream Too High” by Buzz Aldrin and “An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth” by Colonel Chris Hadfield. During other classes, we are using the Masterclass Curriculum taught by Chris Hadfield to learn about astronaut training, how rockets work, how a real launch feels, about the ISS and the space shuttle. Bellcate students are researching and reading articles and are comparing things astronauts must practice and learn to things everybody can apply to their everyday life. Rocketery is another class as well as a class devoted to Solar System Studies. Our art classes have gotten involved in the design and creation of an on-site Space Center. This display gives everyone the opportunity to show what they do in class and gives other students, parents and guests the chance to see what is happening throughout our community with this dynamic and interdisciplinary project. Stay tuned as we anticipate more to come with our own rocket launch and some impressive guests from Biosphere 2 and NASA.


  • Kara, Parent

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    ~ Kara