"Fair isn't every student getting the same thing... Fair is every student getting what they need to be successful."

Bellcate School offers accommodations for all courses of study based on individual needs and goals through one-to-one and small group classes. One of the strengths of programming at Bellcate is our success in matching the mode of service with the needs of the student. We offer instruction for students in basic communication methods, literacy training, and assistance for students with learning disabilities.

Bellcate School offers services in sensory integration techniques and adaptive physical education on site and throughout the community.

Bellcate School provides extensive training, mentoring, and supervision of all teaching personnel under a licensed special educator. Bellcate is a year-round program that includes a six-week summer program.

Bellcate School also offers a continuum of family support services to include: case management, parenting skills development, intensive collaborative teaming, and service coordination. The success of our students begins with a committed, collaborative team and supportive community network.


  • Julie, Parent

    Since Dakota started at Bellcate 3 years ago, I have seen such a dramatic change in him. Not only has Dakota grown academically but socially as well. Before he started at Bellcate, he not only struggled with school (which he wanted nothing to do with) but he also struggled with not feeling like he was… Read more »

    ~ Julie