"Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere."

~ Albert Einstein

Bellcate School designs and implements curriculum using an ecological approach that is relationally  based, skills based, and physiologically oriented. This approach carefully examines the relationship between students and their environment. Curricula are then developed to aligned with student’s unique needs, goals, and priorities. The student’s curricula are in continuous evolution as the student’s needs, goals, and opportunities change. Over the course of a student’s study at Bellcate, the individual’s curricula follow a path of progressive refinement and complexity, as skill sets develop and grow.

Bellcate School’s programs focus on teaching age–appropriate skills relevant to each student’s life. This flexible and highly precise approach allows professionals at Bellcate School to meet the extraordinary and varied needs of its student population. Our ecological approach encourages the transfer of skills across content areas and settings. We base our programming on the distinctive skills and experience of our teaching staff. Drawing on the talents and expertise of our professional staff, Bellcate School creates opportunities for meeting the minimum course of study in high-interest classes for students.