"I don't even remember the season. I just remember feeling for the first time that I belonged somewhere."

~ Steven Chbosky 

Bellcate School is a Vermont state-approved middle and high school designed to serve youth with disabilities in an individualized therapeutic and educational community.

Working with local school districts, Bellcate School enrolls a maximum of 30 students, ages 11-22. Bellcate utilizes a three-stage therapeutic model to support exploration, understanding and positive action. Our educational model provides best practices for achieving grade level proficiency.

Bellcate School is a program that provides an alternative to traditional education. Students find success through accommodated services and hands-on experiences integrated in a community setting. Through an individualized plan of therapeutic exercises, learning initiatives, hands-on activities, field trips, community based programming, and coordinated services, Bellcate School helps youth build skills in the areas of:

  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Expanding interest areas, identifying strengths
  • Maintaining personal and public safety
  • Gaining skills for interpersonal effectiveness
  • Understanding and managing mood
  • Developing self-awareness, self-concept, identity, and self-esteem
  • Developing tolerance for authority
  • Developing acceptance of difference
  • Improving communication skills
  • Developing flexibility
  • Improving attention, focus and engagement
  • Building independent living, self-care, and vocational skills
  • Increasing personal responsibility


  • Gail, Parent

    ​”When you walk in the door at Bellcate it is usually a beehive of activity. There are classes going on, meals being made, artwork and schoolwork being hung in the hallways, maybe gardening going on out front. There are kids of various ages and all levels of ability/disability busy with their school tasks. It may… Read more »

    ~ Gail