"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

~ Bobby Unser

Athletics have played an instrumental role at Bellcate School.  Our students, who possess a wide range of abilities, all benefit from participation in sports, activities, and competitions.  At Bellcate, we believe that all our student athletes have something valuable to contribute to our school teams, individual sports, and recreational activities.

Bellcate School has always taken great pride in the way our student athletes carry themselves on and off the field. Bellcate School is the only special education approved independent school that is a sanctioned member of the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA).

Our athletic department focuses on six different mission areas to give every student athlete the opportunity to participate and develop skills in Bulldog athletics.

Recreation and leisure mission areas:

  • Provide recreational experiences for lifelong enjoyment, health and well being
  • Provide recreational experiences for fun and socializing
  • Expand interest and skill areas to promote diversity of recreation and leisure activities

Athletic skills development mission areas:

  • Provide 1:1 instructional classes to develop skills, knowledge and experience
  • Provide small instructional group classes to develop skills, knowledge, experience and  team building

Club sports mission areas:

  • BCTTC (Bellcate Table Tennis Club)
  • Provide student athletes opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and experience
  • Provide student athletes opportunities to socialize with peers and develop pro social skills
  • Provide student athletes the opportunity to meet others and foster new relationships with peers outside their own club

Special Olympics and Unified Special Olympics mission areas:

  • Provide student athletes, with and without intellectual disabilities, an innovative sports play program
  • Provide student athletes opportunities to be more active, have fun, and learn fundamental sports skills
  • Provide student athlete opportunities to work on physical, cognitive, and social skills development, sports mission areas
  • Provide student athletes the opportunity to bring athletes with and without intellectual disabilities to train and compete on the same team
  • Provide student athletes without intellectual disabilities the opportunity to teach, mentor, and encourage their fellow Bellcate peers
  • Encourage an inclusive environment that creates a sense of belonging and community for all students

D4 mission areas:

  • Provide student athletes with  the opportunity to represent bellcate school  as student athletes in the state of vermont through the VPA
  • Provide student athletes with the opportunity to compete in a more formal and organized way with other member schools through the VPA
  • Provide student athletes with the opportunity to develop athletic skills, social skills, team building skills and leadership skills