Semester 2, during Covid, continues to challenge us at times but it has also brought opportunities for positive learning, growth and change. For example, during Covid we developed “Adventure Day.” Adventure Day is a full day of programming that is designed to access our natural and inspiring Vermont resources. Bellcate School has always been connected to nature as an important classroom but Covid has pushed us to develop greater whole school structure and planning around this resource. This opportunity will continue into second semester and beyond. An Adventure Day staple will be skiing! A huge thank you to Cochran’s Ski Area for donating rentals and mountain time to Bellcate this year!

While we are still split into two sites, Post and Main, our community is starting to find fun ways to interact with each other more. We have a small handful of staff that are teaching students from the opposite site this semester, and we’re starting to get out on our road for more snowy walks, exercise and distanced socializing. This way we can ensure we’re able to wave and give a proper hello to staff and peers we didn’t see as much first semester.

Second semester classes kicked off last week, and already the kids are in their routines. Students are feeling proud about filing their own class work to show their teams, and are excited about being back in person and getting hands on with every subject from math, science, and english to the arts, music, athletics, and the trades! Staff are also ready to bring the energy and have developed some new dynamic classes.

While we have you, we also want to celebrate all the new students that have started at Bellcate School during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Starting at a new school can be hard regardless, but these following kids have started at a new school, made real friendships, made progress in their classes, worked on their therapeutic goals, and have truly become valued members of our Bellcate Family! We’d like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to: Aiden S, Anthony, Emmi, Isabella, Joshua, and RJ! We’re so thankful that you and your families have trusted us enough to start school with us during these unprecedented times!