“Bellcate School is a safe place for your child and your family. A place for all of you to learn and become stronger. They will never judge you and they will always support you. Every kid should be able to go to a school like Bellcate.

Bellcate School has meant more to our son and our family than we could ever put into words. From the moment we became part of Bellcate, we new we were finally where we belonged. Our son has been free to learn in a way that he can and our family has been encouraged to push our own limits in a way that feels safe and supported. For parents or teams considering Bellcate, I would say, DO IT! You will NOT be sorry. It may seem like all of your dreams are ending by admitting that this is what you need, but I promise you it is the opposite….you will learn that what you thought were your dreams were not really yours…..Bellcate will help you understand what your dreams REALLY are and they will help you accomplish them. Bellcate has been LIFESAVING.”