"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."

~ James Beard

Bellcate School offers a wide range of farm to table programs to support students with developing life and vocational skills.  Our farm to table programs include:

Garden Project:

The Garden Project reconnects and integrates students to the natural world and their local agricultural community. The Garden Project teaches valuable gardening and agricultural concepts as well as engages students in developing practical skills in relationship to germinating, cultivating, harvesting, and storing local and organic foods.

Over the course of the school year the students strive to plant and maintain a school garden.  The spring quarter introduces seed starting techniques and help students develop a clear understanding of plant life cycles.  Students participate in garden planning and maintenance, including composting our food waste. 


In Bellcate’s culinary program, students learn to navigate the kitchen, utilize various culinary tools, learn kitchen sanitation and safety, design and follow recipes, and develop, prepare, and serve a balanced and nutritious school lunch.

Natural Creations:

Bellcate School connects our students to organic ingredients to promote health and wellness.  Natural Creation classes include: juicing, oil chemistry, soap making, canning, and beekeeping.  Students prepare and cater a mobile farm cart to share their individual creations throughout the school.  Additionally, Bellcate School hosts an annual Harvest Festival where students showcase their natural creations for our greater community.


  • Bruce, Grandfather

    “Bellcate is life-changing for its kids.  It has improved our family living by learning how to handle difficult situations from time to time. The Wolf Pack family support discussions and problem solving benefit all family members, staff, and all associated parties. At Bellcate, you receive unconditional backing and support from whenver needed 24/7. I am… Read more »

    ~ Bruce