“Bellcate School is an amazing place. The school’s executive director and team are some of the most accomplished and talented educators and support staff we have ever met. They are committed to understanding the complex needs of each student. They will individualize an educational plan that incorporates a range of classes, social and extracurricular experiences and provide an environment that enables each student to discover their own potential.

Bellcate will forever have a special place in our family’s hearts. They were key to helping us unlock our son’s full potential. This school understands the power of partnership. As a result they work with you and any member of your student’s team that is essential to optimizing your student’s potential. The faculty and staff are committed to understanding your student as an individual and will customize their education and social experiences to meet identified goals. Through this partnership they support the student in discovering themself. Providing an environment that helps them to understand who they are and what they can achieve through their own hard work. I would tell any parent that at Bellcate they have finally found a holistic academic environment and an exceptionally talented team that are experienced and committed to truly understand each student. The Bellcate team has the skill to develop an educational program that, along with the students hard work and your support will ensure your child’s success.

The placement was transformational.”

~Anna and Chip