At Bellcate we have a pretty committed and talented crew of skateboarders. Skateboarding and long boarding are physical education classes and have always been a popular offering. Skating can provide young people with a structured way to take healthy risks and get a healthy boost of excitement. With Talent Skate Park now closed, we had planned on ending the skateboarding season until the springtime. Until…we learned about snow skating!

Snow skates are designed to allow skateboarders to practice tricks and skate around during the winter months. Unlike snowboards, the rider’s feet are not strapped into the board and they operate like a skateboard without wheels. There are channels carved into the bottom to allow the rider to turn and control the board effectively. Also, they are really fun! With the first snowfall of the season our students have been having a blast learning turns and getting fresh air on snow skates. Snow skating will extend the season and allow us to continue improving balance, learn new tricks and inspire our skaters to bundle up and get outside and ride.


  • Anna and Chip, Parents

    “Bellcate School is an amazing place. The school’s executive director and team are some of the most accomplished and talented educators and support staff we have ever met. They are committed to understanding the complex needs of each student. They will individualize an educational plan that incorporates a range of classes, social and extracurricular experiences… Read more »

    ~ Anna and Chip