On August 1st, in True Bellcate School fashion, our community celebrated the high school graduation of Jake Fay and Dominic Smeil. The ceremony took place at Lily’s gym where students, staff, family and friends all gathered to share memories and to support the big step forward of our 2019 August grads. The ceremony kicked off with the traditional pomp and circumstance as our grads made their way through a full house of applause. Jac Treanor, Bellcate Events Director opened the graduation with a warm welcome and the presentation of a personalized music video commemorating the Bellcate journey of each student.

Following the videos, several Bellcate staff presented individualized speeches reflecting on the time each graduate had spent at Bellcate. Jamie Moore, Bellcate School Athletic Director painted a moving picture of Dom’s many athletic accomplishments in D4 Basketball and Track while highlighting his significant impact as a Unified Sports Partner. Mike Tavares focused in on Dom’s path in discovering his love for early childhood education and his success with attaining his childcare certificate. Troy Cyphers, Bellcate School Program Instructor highlighted the drumming skills and accomplishments of Jake Fay and how his unique rhythm would serve him well in his walk through life. Corey Cranston, Jake’s Case Manager walked us through Jake’s significant progress while a student at Bellcate and pointed out his work ethic and ability to make positive connections with people wherever he goes. A few students were moved to speak, describing the importance of their relationships with the graduates as peers, friends, mentors, and role models. And then it was time for the formal announcement. Indeed! Jake Fay and Dominic Smeil were awarded their high school diplomas and announced as the August graduating class of 2019.

And as if that was not enough, Corey pulled back the big curtain in the gym where we discovered a full rock band set up. Jake Fay was then invited to the stage to Join a local rock band, Zephrus on the drums for a couple of songs to close the ceremony. And close it out in style they did!

Post graduation Jake Fay will be employed at Green Mountain Electric Supply and continue to live with his loving and supportive dad Todd. Dominic Smeil completed his internship at Kinderworks Childcare and was offered full time employment following graduation.

As we always say “once a Bellcate School Student, always a Bellcate School Alumni.” Congratulations and we will leave the light on.