Bellcate School rolled out a new initiative for 4th quarter to help students remain inspired for the final push of the school year. It is important for our students, who have worked so hard all year, to close out the school year on a positive note. PAWS-itively Bellcate gives our students an opportunity for a bit of extra recognition for exceeding classroom expectations, meeting therapeutic goals and for role model behavior. So this is how it works; every student’s case-manager has a slotted box in their office for each of their students with their name on it. Students are eligible for Paws Points in classes that present a particular challenge or stretch for them. This could be an academic, social, behavioral or therapeutic stretch.

These classes have been highlighted on our 4th quarter schedule with a “P” next to them for each student. When a teacher witnesses a student meeting all Paws Point criteria (exceeding class expectations, meeting therapeutic goals, and being a role model) the student is awarded a wooden Paws Point chip at the end of class to put in their box. “It’s perfect timing for this initiative. It sets students and teachers up for focusing on the positive to finish out the school year,” Explained Angie Bell, Bellcate Special Educator. At the end of the quarter case managers will tally the chips and students will be able to turn them in for gear at our beloved school store. Bellcate Operations Team rolled out the idea at morning assembly and the Paws-itive vibe was contagious. “Keeping things fresh and inspiring is so important when cultivating a culture for learning and growth,” acknowledges Jesse Bell, Bellcate School Director. “We all need an extra pat on the back now and then.” A PAWS-itively Bellcate Ceremony will be held on the last day of school to celebrate our successes right before graduation.