Summer program at Bellcate School has started and the Space Project reached its next Phase.

On day 2 and 3 in the first week, 2 groups of our students were able to go and participate at Starbase. Starbase is a STEM program, which is active nationwide and in Vermont at two sites. (STEM: Science, Technic, Engineering and Math)

Our Star blazers went to South Burlington onto the National Guard Air force base. They started by selecting there call-names, this is like a nickname which every jet pilot gets. What followed was an egg drop challenge and some science experiments. Students also visited the engineering program where every student built their very own Space Station. Finally, the Flight Simulation Program was a big hit. Each student was able to fly a big Boing 747 passenger plane, a fighter F16 or a 100 year old double-decker in different simulations.

All of the students and the staff had a great time.

During Bellcate’s summer program our Space Crew will build a Solar System themed Educational Path with micro-museums for all of our neighbors to enjoy. We will also try to engineer a “Mars Greenhouse.” Big Plans!! Towards the end of the Summer Program we will have a surprise guest speaker, who will wrap up our half year multidisciplinary space study with a bang! More to come on that…

Susanne Michaelson – Curriculum Coordinator – Social Studies