In front of the majority of the school, Joe put on quite a show at Regal gymnastics to close out quarter 2. He showed his amazing athletic ability and creativity. Using trampolines and objects to leap over, the Bellcate crowd left Regal in absolute amazement at what they had just seen. “Joe was awesome,” said Kara. “I didn’t know he was capable of doing all of that. So cool,” she added.

Joe has been going to Regal every Monday and Wednesday with Bellcate’s Athletic Director, Jamie Moore. “I really know nothing about gymnastics but we wanted to find a way to honor this kid’s natural interest and talent, Jamie says. “I say things like tuck, good Joe, drive your legs, but in all reality I am just a cheer leader because his skills speak for themself, says Jamie.

Joe is thinking about putting on another performance, so be on the lookout for a date and time. You won’t want to miss it!