This summer, EPIC Arts begins a new experiment in collaborative arts programming. Our individual Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre programs will continue to grow and develop but for the first time they are joined by a three-way combination class.

This summer’s Theatre class features a new play by Colby Fitzpatrick: A Space Adventure. It was written as part of the Bellcate Space Project, and it’s a short comedy emphasizing life lessons learned through friendship and cooperation. The combo class is staffed by Kara, Marta, Aaron, Morgan, Emily, and Kanrad, and our students this summer are Kade, Davon, Callie, Cole, Jackson, and Colby. We have two goals for this class: have fun, first and foremost, and begin producing Colby’s piece. We will be preparing a staged reading of the play. Actors will stand with scripts and use microphones, some for the first time, and perform our first public reading of Colby’s original play.

In collaboration with our Visual Arts and Music programs, EPIC Theatre will also begin designing and building the sets, costumes, properties, music, and sound for the play’s future production, which will take place during the upcoming school year.

Our staged reading will take place Friday, July 26th during the culminating celebration of the Bellcate Space Project, times TBA.

Back to EPIC-at-large…in addition to our theatrical endeavors, Morgan and the EPIC Music Education Program will be finalizing its offering of 3-5 space-themed songs that students have been learning throughout the spring, and creating original music for a new Bellcate School Song! Those pieces will be performed along with the staged reading on July 26th.

The EPIC Visual Arts program is busy having fun and creating new artwork this summer. Offerings include T-shirt Design and Printing, Outdoor Art and Pottery, Naturalist Journaling, Graphic Novel Design and Anime Illustration as well as several space themed art-project classes working in two, three and likely, more dimensions! Students are making artwork for presentation during the Space Project Artshow in July, so be there and don’t miss the unique experience. Our student-artists will delight and titillate your senses with original, out of this world creations.

Last but certainly not least, our newest EPIC collaborator, Corey Cranston, Director of WBCR, will be putting the finishing touches on WBCR’s contribution to the Space Project. He and his DJ’s will also be spreading the word about the final summer celebration. Moving forward, Corey and the WBCR students will be integrated into the EPIC family. The addition of live and recorded radio is a perfect fit if we do say so ourselves. Welcome Corey and WBCR!

Each step we take together is filled with joy, the excitement of new adventures and learning, the fulfillment of hard work, and the love we all share of the arts.

Please join us on our EPIC journey!

Morgan, Corey, Kanrad and Aaron