On May 23rd, 2019 Bellcate School held its first EPIC event. EPIC (Express. Perform. Inspire. Create) is the name of our new collaborative Arts program. EPIC encompasses the visual arts, music education, and the performing arts (theatre, dance, etc.). In two events, one during school and one after school, Bellcate students demonstrated our program mantra: EPIC is where joy lives!

The showcase began with EPIC Music Education Program sharing their skills and spirits through a spring concert held in the EPIC Theatre space. The concert was absolutely amazing and so inspirational! Students, staff, families, and teams came together to support the student-musicians who demonstrated the results of the school year’s hard work. Though most of us were nervous and excited about the show, everyone did such an exceptional job and worked together to create an event that was above and beyond all expectations. There were too many powerful and beautiful moments to list them all so if you weren’t there, make sure to come and witness us next time. Truly EPIC!

During the set change between the music concert and theatre production, Bellcate students, staff and community members perused the new EPIC Visual Arts studio and gallery. A selection of student artwork from the 2018-2019 school year was displayed for all to admire. The array of media and techniques used in creating the artwork exemplified each student’s creativity, adaptability and persistent hard work. In addition to hand drawn and inked comics and colored pencil renderings of insects, massive sculptures made of recycled materials such as cardboard, plastic and foam were on prominent display. Expressive, brightly rendered abstract works of student art were juxtapozed with delicately layered paintings of landscapes and people. A collection of wheel thrown pottery and hand-made and glazed ceramic sculptures were the biggest surprise for most of the wide-eyed attendees of what will likely be an annual comprehensive art show. Student-artists proudly answered questions from budding art critics and admirers alike. The EPIC Visual Arts Studio and Gallery space well accommodated the gamut of guests.

Closing the showcase, the audience moved back into the EPIC Theatre for our final performance of the day/night. After nearly two years of writing, editing, rehearsing, building, painting, and creating, the Bellcate Theatre Company performed an original play developed by Bellcate students and staff entitled Dragon Kingdom. More than twenty people help design and build this show, and the audience was surprised, excited, happy, and filled with laughter. They learned how teamwork and friendship can overcome even the most difficult obstacles. Our thespians learned that bringing characters to life and playing in their world can be a joyous experience. After the show, new students asked if they could join the Company for future productions. Our answer of course was YES!

We think everyone had a great time at our opening showcase. We sure did. We sincerely hope that students, staff and community members were inspired by what they saw and experienced at the showcase. Thank you for your continued support of our student-artists!