An Echo is a sound that carries. And in Bellcate School’s experience Echo was an experience that carried; first to one student and then to many. Last year, Bellcate Student, Callie, started a volunteer position at the Echo Center on Burlington’s waterfront as part of our progressive employment program. She became such a valued member of the team that the Echo Center applied for a grant so they could hire Callie as a part time employee. They got the grant and Callie got the job! The Friday before spring break, Bellcate School Events Director, Jac Treanor, teamed up with the Echo Center so that Callie could lead her first solo educational tour for her peers and teachers, all 30 of them! No pressure Callie. She was a real natural, especially with the new dinosaur exhibit which is Callie’s absolute area of expertise. She lead our community through the touch pool activity, the weather forecasting exhibit, and the Lake Champlain Aquarium to name a few parts of her dynamic tour. “We could not be more proud of Callie. From where she started to her confidence and professionalism today is a great testament to her courage and strong spirit,” explains Bellcate School Director, Jesse Bell. If you get an opportunity to visit the Echo Center, a true Vermont Treasure, be sure to say hello to Callie!


  • Rachael, Parent

    As parents, we really wanted simple things for our children…….to be happy and feel success in their life, whatever that may be for them. One year ago our son was not attending high school, experienced very little joy and isolated himself from his family and life. It was frustrating and scary and we felt very… Read more »

    ~ Rachael