Last Friday, Bellcate Director, Jesse Bell and Athletic Director, Jamie Moore took 4 Bellcate student athletes on a college tour of Castleton University; Dominick, Keith, Eric, and Matt. “It was an awesome trip with these kids” reflects Moore. “I think going there made them realize that being a collegiate student athlete is a doable feat for them. Before this trip, I don’t think they knew that.”

Deanna Tyson, who is the Athletic Director at Castleton, met the group in the Spartan Athletics Complex before introducing us to a current Castleton student for a tour of the campus. “I really liked how the classroom sizes are similar to Bellcate and that they offer a lot of extra support for student athletes to help them throughout the year” said Keith. The group explored the campus, they checked out all of the buildings; the library, fine arts center, and they even got to look at a dorm room on campus. “This place is a lot bigger than I remember it” added Dom.

After the tour, Deanna brought the group to one of the dining halls on campus. The group sat down and had lunch. While they were talking about some ins and outs about how enrolling in college works. The boys got to meet the Castleton soccer coach who was on his lunch break from a soccer camp for younger kids he’s conducting.

After lunch, Deanna took the Bellcate group back over to the Spartans Athletic Complex where she introduced them to head basketball coach, Paul Culpo. Coach Culpo gave some great advice on how the boys could get some interest from Castleton coaches. The boys asked questions and were really listening to every word coach Culpo was saying. “Jamie can you start taping my football and wrestling matches this year?” Asked Eric after coach Culpo said coaches really like game tapes.

Deanna then gave us a tour of the athletic complex. We walked through their basketball court, wrestling room, basketball and football team locker rooms, and we peeked inside their indoor swimming pool. Deanna then walked the group out to the “Spartan Stadium” where the football, soccer, and lacrosse teams play their games. “This field is sweet’ said Matt.

The group then said their goodbyes to Deanna, and thanked her for the amazing tour and experience she gave them. “What a great trip” reflected Jesse Bell. “I saw some serious light bulbs coming on with those four boys today.” Following the visit a couple of the boys received follow up emails from athletic coaches who expressed genuine interest in recruiting our Bellcate Student-Athletes. This trip had a significant impact on our student’s confidence and self-esteem. Way to go Bulldogs!