Over the 2nd quarter, a Bellcate student has been exploring a form of rock climbing
at the local Metrorock Climbing Center known as “Bouldering.” The sport focuses on ascending small (8-12 ft) to mid-sized (12-15ft) boulders, with varying routes, without ropes or a harness. These routes, also known as problems, vary in difficulty depending on the degree of incline, size, and spacing of holds on which to grip and climb. Our student has been challenging himself by attempting different problems throughout the quarter, developing different approaches, holds, and maneuvers along the way. Problems are edited or added to, which keeps climbers coming back to tackle new challenges. Rock on! This style of climbing is demanding, requiring strong grip and core strength. It helps develop quick problem solving and decision making skills, while increasing self efficacy.


  • Melissa, Parent

    Magic Johnson once said, “All kids need is a little hope, a little help, and someone who believes in them.” True, perhaps, but some kids (and their families) need a lot of hope, a lot of help, and many who believe in them. Only when these are in place, will complex children thrive. From the… Read more »

    ~ Melissa