On Thursday, May 31st Bellcate School hosted our annual 8th Grade Move Up Day and Bellcate School’s Graduation Ceremony for our graduating senior class. It was a sunny, early summer day under the big tent and we had a wonderful turnout to include Bellcate family, friends and community partners. Jac Treanor, Bellcate Events Director, opened with a welcome and thank you to all in attendance. DJ Jeff Springer cued up some inspiring music to bring in the students moving up. Bellcate Director, Jesse Bell, said a few words of recognition and encouragement to our 8th graders before presenting their move up certificates. This year’s move up class included Aiden Beaton-Booth and Alex Moritts. “Both boys have played a leadership role in creating a positive and dynamic middle school culture,”commented Bell.

Then it was time for “Pomp and Circumstance” to introduce Bellcate School’s graduating class; Abdullahi Awayle, Hannah Wilde and Shawn Hathaway. The ceremony included heartfelt speeches by staff, meaningful words of gratitude expressed by each graduate, the presentation of each graduate’s High School Diploma and a lot of tears. Abdullahi prepared an incredible speech that acknowledged everyone by name who had helped him on his path towards graduation. He had each person stand up to be publicly recognized for their commitment and support. “The level of care and attention for others that Abdi communicated in his graduation speech reflects how much he has grown. It was really a beautiful expression of genuine gratitude,” reflected Jac Treanor. “My favorite part of the day was when graduate Shawn Hathaway pulled out of the parking lot in his Dad’s monster truck with his classmate Marissa. She needed to climb up on a table to get in. It was like a movie,” said smiling Alex Rocheleau, Bellcate Transition Coordinator. “I am so proud of all of them.”

Each Bellcate School graduate moves on to the next step on their journey with hard earned skills, knowledge and experience as well as with a bank full of meaningful memories and long lasting relationships.