“Selfies” at Bellcate School mean something completely different than taking a photo of yourself and posting it on Instagram or snap chat. Bellcate Selfies are far more meaningful. Bellcate Selfies are daily commitments that support the development of healthy self esteem.

This quarter Bellcate School offered 2 group classes focusing on self esteem development. Esteemology, the science of self esteem, has supported numbers of students with understanding self esteem from the ground up. Students have learned that genuine self esteem requires a strong foundation. Quarter 1 of this course works on building that foundation with physical preparation. “It’s really cool to see the lightbulbs go on related to how regular movement, sleep hygiene and eating practices impact how good or bad we feel about ourselves,” explains Jesse Bell, Bellcate School Director and Esteemology Teacher. Students learn the science about how healthy exercise, nourishment and rest prepare our bodies and minds for self like. Bellcate Selfies are the self identified homework assignments to apply this learning to real life. Selfies are wide ranging to include commitments around things like:

  • Increasing aerobic capacity and V02 max
  • Increasing REM sleep
  • Working on the amount, regularity and quality of sleep
  • Increasing veggies and fruits to daily eating
  • Reducing bad fats and sugars
  • Trying new colorful foods

“This is exactly what I need! Let’s go!” states Matt, Bellcate Senior.

“I have more than doubled my aerobic capacity by doing my selfie homework. I created a new walking routine that I do first before watching tv or playing games,” explains Jason, Bellcate Student.

“I asked my gram where the bedsheets are and now I have them on my bed. It feels better to change into PJ’s and sleep in a made bed than sleeping on a mattress in my clothes,” reflects a Bellcate Student.

“My favorite part of class is when we Get Winded,” states Aiden, Bellcate Student.

At the end of each Esteemology class, the teachers and students get in a 2-3 minute cardio blast in an effort to increase max volume of oxygen. Students have learned that breathing hard or being winded is not something to avoid but rather it is something to strive for related to heart health and Self Esteem! You can do it to! Get Winded People. It’s good for you!


  • Carol & Dan, Parents

    As we have been telling everyone, Jaime’s transition was not a transition at all. She loved going to Bellcate from the second she walked in. Bellcate allows her to be her. Bellcate allows her to smile and laugh. Bellcate gives her the freedom to explore others and herself; as she has never been able to… Read more »

    ~ Carol & Dan