The EPIC Center celebrates the mission and values of the Bellcate School through visual arts, music, and theatre. EPIC provides a safe space to learn and practice new skills, expand knowledge, and experience creativity in its many forms.

Students grow and express themselves through progressive challenges. As they achieve milestones, they increase self-esteem, confidence, and communication. Students share their work, and experience the creativity of others.

Students perform in many ways: practical, academic, artistic, and therapeutic. Our three programs offer artistic variety to our students using differentiated instruction that meets students’ individual learning styles and unique needs.

Through shared experiences students inspire one another and their community, and this leads students to find new ways to create and discover.

EPIC Theatre lets student write, direct, act, design, build, and produce a wide variety of theatrical events and activities. Play readings and staged readings, scene work, one-act plays, original productions, rehearsals, set construction, set painting, properties creation, costume building, make up design, lighting and sound workshops, and poetry readings are all ways Bellcate students can express their thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams.

EPIC Music students experience a dynamic, engaging, and individualized music education by learning to play all manner of acoustic and electric instruments. The diverse and dynamic nature of music allows for expanded brain development that actually grows and strengthens the brain!

EPIC Music helps students learn to regulate and understand emotions, mood and behavior. The music program improves critical thinking, processing speed, and problem solving while increasing student engagement and focus. Bellcate student musicians develop beneficial social skills as they work to share their collaborations with the wider Bellcate School community.

The EPIC Visual Arts program helps young artists identify and develop their creative interests as they reinforce existing strengths. Students explore the rich history of art, examining the styles and cultural contexts of influential artists and movements.

EPIC artists imagine and create original works of art, expressing their inspired ideas in material form. Through this process of curated discovery, artistic skill refinement and tactile engagement with a variety of creative media, students develop their personal artistic style and a better understanding of the world.

True to the EPIC mission, artists present their work to the wider community, inspiring new ideas, connections and further collaboration.

EPIC will present a collaborative arts event this spring at the EPIC Center, 51 Center Road. This will be a showcase concert, play and art show. Please join us on May 23rd, 2019 for our grand opening celebration. Times to be announced soon.