Hey there, everyone. Bellcate’s founder of the 100-day club here. The 100 Day Club (and the 250 Day Club) are for students who come to school every day – without missing school for any reason. I founded the 100 Day Club when I started to notice a pattern in myself, and the peers around me, of showing up on a consistent basis (after going through a period of time where I was missing school on a regular basis). Once I noticed this pattern, I talked to the school’s Daily Operations Director and found out I was extremely close to reaching 100 days of perfect attendance! Since I was inducted into the club, we’ve had quite a few students join us on the list. 100 Day Club members get a certificate with their name on it as well as a $35 gift card to the school store. The 250 Day Club members also get a certificate with their name on it, but instead of a $35 gift card, they get $100 to spend at the school store!

Well, today (9/13/18), I have some exciting news. We welcomed one student into the 100 Day Club (Matt) and another student into our 250 Day Club (Isaiah). Former club members are as followed 100 Day Club: Aiden, Ashley, Colby, Dylan, Daniel, Isaiah, Ralf and former students who made the 100 Day Club before leaving were Dustin, Hannah, Jack, and Shawn. The 250 Day Club isn’t as long, but the students are as followed Daniel, Isaiah, Jake, Marina, and last, but not least, Ralf. We hope to see both lists grow more as we get into the school year.

Sincerely, Club Founder, Ashley A.


  • Anna and Chip, Parents

    “Bellcate School is an amazing place. The school’s executive director and team are some of the most accomplished and talented educators and support staff we have ever met. They are committed to understanding the complex needs of each student. They will individualize an educational plan that incorporates a range of classes, social and extracurricular experiences… Read more »

    ~ Anna and Chip