At Bellcate, we support students in growing and making progress towards their academic, therapeutic, and transition goals. As part of assisting students progress towards their transition goals, we support students in honing in on their interests and possible career paths. On Thursday, November 7th, Bellcate Student Cole went to the WCAX Channel 3 news station in South Burlington to learn about a field of interest, meteorology. Cole was invited to watch the noon weather broadcast live in the studio. Following the broadcast Cole was able to meet with meteorologist Gary Sadowsky. Cole had the opportunity to talk to Gary and to ask questions about what it takes to become a meteorologist. While in the weather department with Gary, Cole learned about how forecasts are made and how on-air graphics are prepared. Cole was even given a chance to try presenting his own forecast using the green screen. This great opportunity will help Cole in determining if he would one day like to pursue a career in meteorology.