Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls, known as boulders, without the use of ropes or harnesses. This summer in our bouldering classes we headed up to the top of the Rt. 108 in between Mt. Mansfield and Smugglers Notch twice a week. We have been working on looking for good hand holds and foot holds. We’ve been using chalk, shoes and a whole lot of teamwork. We challenged ourselves every time we went up there, searching for new boulder faces and routes to climb. We’ve met extraordinarily welcoming and informative members of the local climbing community. Each of them have shared his or her intricate knowledge of conquering bouldering challenges. “Dylan has shown a willingness and commitment to challenging himself further every class” said Eyob Gizachew, Bellcate Bouldering Instructor. Bouldering has proven beneficial for the treatment of depression and anxiety. It helps boost self-efficacy and social interactions — both of which are fundamental in addressing depression and anxiety. New research also suggests that bouldering can help build muscle and endurance while reducing stress.

~ Josh Sinz, Bellcate Bouldering Instructor