Bellcate Journalism is a collaboration between Matt Andrews, the English curriculum coordinator, and student Jay, affectionately known at school as JLB, on a project to learn more about the Bellcate School. Jay creates interview questions around certain topics before going out into the community to interview staff. These interviews have proven to be insightful for Jay – he is interested in learning more about staff and their thoughts about working at Bellcate. Jay is also working on his creative voice as an author and his interviewing skills, which are unique to his style! Some of Jay’s interviews have been recorded and broadcast on WBTV with the help of radio personality Corey Cranston. We wanted to share one of our recordings with you all.

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  • Gail, Parent

    ​”When you walk in the door at Bellcate it is usually a beehive of activity. There are classes going on, meals being made, artwork and schoolwork being hung in the hallways, maybe gardening going on out front. There are kids of various ages and all levels of ability/disability busy with their school tasks. It may… Read more »

    ~ Gail