This quarter Bellcate School literally rolled out a new opportunity as part of our progressive employment model. Bellcate Barista is an on site, student operated business. This is a mobile cart that sells and serves high quality, organic coffee and tea to Bellcate staff and our guests. Our beverage cart runs one block in the morning and one block in the afternoon providing staff and friends with a revitalizing cup-o-joe. This opportunity assists students with the development and practice of organizational skills, inventory management, beverage prep and break down, money management and skills, marketing, customer service and work ethic. “As a special educator at Bellcate and a coffee lover, this project is a win win,” States Bellcate School Special Educator, Angie Bell

A special shout out to Troy Cyphers, Bellcate School Program Instructor for this deliciously educational idea. Following a semester of business planning and development, Bellcate School aspires to take Bellcate Barista into the local community as a beverage truck. “I’m always tweaking, always trying to make it better, constantly moving the levers and dials.” -Steve Ells, founder and co-CEO of Chipotle






  • Bruce, Grandfather

    “Bellcate is life-changing for its kids.  It has improved our family living by learning how to handle difficult situations from time to time. The Wolf Pack family support discussions and problem solving benefit all family members, staff, and all associated parties. At Bellcate, you receive unconditional backing and support from whenver needed 24/7. I am… Read more »

    ~ Bruce