Everyone that knows Bellcate knows that Yoga is a staple in our therapeutic community. Between 4 and 8 classes per week each quarter, 26 postures 2 breathing exercises each class. But not every student is ready for a full hot yoga class when they start at Bellcate. So now, thanks to the additional space in our new gym, every staff and student can reap the benefits of yoga. Two days each week after lunch our entire community is led in a 20 minute, 15 posture yoga series. “I really can do this yoga. I like it without the heat and I really enjoy doing it with everyone,” states Bellcate Student, Jackson. A new student Cole adds, “I didn’t think I could do yoga but I really can.” Staffer Dawn chimes in, “This is so great for everyone. I can’t believe everyone is actually doing every posture. I want to do this everyday!” Staff members have noticed how the post lunch yoga has benefited the transition to afternoon classes. “The yoga followed by our group walk back to main campus really puts students in a great frame of mind to combat low mood and energy in the afternoon,” explains Bellcate Special Educator, Angie Bell. The group yoga activity closes with “Namaste” – a closing salutation that means “May the light in me recognize and value the light in you.” A great message for any time of day!


  • Dimi, Parent

    “Bellcate is a therapeutic school using a very specific data driven model of care, implemented by extremely creative, intelligent and caring people. Bellcate saved my family – not only serving my son, but seeing my son as part of a family that needed support. They did not apply a “cookie cutter” method to us. Jesse… Read more »

    ~ Dimi