It’s a quiet, relaxing space in the center of Bellcates’ exciting learning space. It’s the Book Nook. Designed and implemented by student Eric and staff as a place for quiet repose and reading. It is softly lit with Himalayan Salt lamps and reading lights creating a comfortable and warm reading space.

In an effort to provide a healthy space, the walls and shelves were built out of locally sourced Hemlock and we used the traditional Japanese wood-burning technique called ‘ Shou Sugi Ban’ to treat the wood giving the room a rustic appearance free of chemicals.

The salt lamps produce negative ions which help purify the air bonding with pollen and other allergens which are airborne.

If you’re looking for a place to read or relax, the Book Nook is just the place. Check it out next time you’re here.


  • Anna and Chip, Parents

    “Bellcate School is an amazing place. The school’s executive director and team are some of the most accomplished and talented educators and support staff we have ever met. They are committed to understanding the complex needs of each student. They will individualize an educational plan that incorporates a range of classes, social and extracurricular experiences… Read more »

    ~ Anna and Chip