WbcR (bellcate radio) had our third installment broadcasted on WBTV 99.3 FM on 2/17/18 at 11am. A Winter Olympic themed event brought the talents of DJ’s Thor, Cupcake (Dylan), and Jordan with Olympics based music and conversation for an hour long set.

DJ Thor kicked off the hour off with past and present music from the Olympic events to include the 2018 Winter Olympic theme song by InSooYe. An interview with ABLE Arts Director, Josh Sinz about upcoming art events was conducted by DJ Jordan to include the upcoming Art Show on February 21st. DJ Cupcake rounded out the hour with more music and an interview with Trades Coordinator, Dave Fay regarding the RavensCroft sugaring process for 2018.

WbcR Director Corey Cranston gives an explanation of the Independent School Challenge audio that is presented in this broadcast.

Thanks for tuning IN!! WbcR will be back on 3/31/18 with a themed music broadcast of March Mashups and interviews with Jamie Moore, Bellcate School Athletic Director and Jac Treanor, Bellcate School Events Director.

Listen to Broadcast by clicking HERE.