WbcR’s 14th episode aired last weekend and what an episode it was! This is a very special show featuring conversation and music related to the Bellcate Space Program, which has been ongoing for the 2019 school year. On the agenda you’ll hear an all space related music playlist,
DJ’s Carnation (LG) and Jamu (JB) talk with Space Coordinator, Susanne Michaelson about all the space events at Bellcate and a blurb recorded for the Bellcate Dog Treat Company.

Happy Listening!

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  • Bruce, Grandfather

    “Bellcate is life-changing for its kids.  It has improved our family living by learning how to handle difficult situations from time to time. The Wolf Pack family support discussions and problem solving benefit all family members, staff, and all associated parties. At Bellcate, you receive unconditional backing and support from whenver needed 24/7. I am… Read more »

    ~ Bruce