Welcome to WbcR radio hour episode 11. This month DJ Jamu (JB) interviews Coach Jamie Moore about the current Bellcate Bulldogs BBall season plus some highlights about the GRAND OPENING of Lily’s gym. DJ Jamu also interviews Chelsea Wessberg about the brand new Bellcate Dog Treat Co. business. Our playlist this month consists of romantic favorites chosen by the Bellcate teachers in honor of Valentines Day. Please enjoy this action packed episode of WbcR!!

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Cheers and Happy Valentines Day!!


  • Kara, Parent

    “Bellcate School is a unique and special school that is completely dedicated to all of the student’s individual needs in a holistic approach. They improve their student’s lives academically, mentally, emotionally and physically in a community enriched environment. The wonderful staff have diverse backgrounds which enhances the variety of learning experiences the students acquire. The… Read more »

    ~ Kara