On Saturday, November 11th, the first episode of WBCR will air at 11am on WBTV-LP 99.3 FM in Burlington. Please spread the word and tune in to support DJ’s JR, DT, and RP as they bring some of their favorite music playlists, Bellcate Athletics & Events updates, and an introduction of the DJ’s by WBCR Director, Corey Cranston. The 99.3 FM signal currently reaches Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski and even parts of Colchester/Essex. For those of you outside of this range, you can log onto the website via 993wbtv.org and stream it live. Each new episode will be updated monthly and the on air DJ’s will change each quarter to give everyone a chance to be on the air.

Enjoy Episode 1 of WBCR and we’ll see you “On the the air.”


  • Amy, Parent

    You would think that something that means a lot to you, something that you think about all the time, that you are grateful and happy to be a part of, that affects your family each and every day, would be easy to talk about. But it’s a funny thing how words fail us sometimes when… Read more »

    ~ Amy