IK watching video from TJ Sorrentine!

Three of the greatest Catamounts to ever play for the University of Vermont took the time to message Colby and Isaiah during their remote learning fitness classes. Hall of famers, TJ Sorrentine, Taylor Coppenrath, and Mike Trimboli reached out to the two Bulldogs, with words of encouragement, and to congratulate them on winning back to back Unified Basketball state titles. “The expressions on their faces said it all,” said Jamie Moore, Bellcate’s Athletic Director. “People in Vermont love UVM basketball, and these three guys are the faces of the program, not just with incredible careers on the court, but as role models to kids all over the state. They took time out of their lives to send videos to our kids, and that speaks volumes of their character, and I am forever grateful for them doing it,” adds Moore.

Isaiah and Colby both attended the retirement of TJ’s number 11 and Taylor’s number 22 earlier this season. Since then, the two boys have taken a great liking to TJ and his former UVM roommate Taylor. Isaiah, Colby, and I have watched the youtube video where it chronicles the two living together in an apartment in Burlington during their college days. The two hoop stars were total opposites when they first met. One of them was a city boy from RI, and the other was a country boy from Vermont. However, they developed a great friendship, which transcended to an amazing chemistry on the court, which made them champions year after year.

It does not surprise me that Isaiah and Colby have taken such a liking to these two. Like TJ and Taylor, Isaiah and Colby have also developed a budding friendship this past year. They often spend their weekends together, and they can be seen laughing and joking with each other in the hallways of Bellcate. With these two creating this special bond, it carried over to the court at Lily’s gym last season. The two played instrumental roles on Bellcate’s second unified state championship team in consecutive years and have been working hard to get ready for their next basketball endeavour. “I am very proud of Isaiah and Colby for not only working hard on their basketball games but also being great friends, teammates, and brothers to each other”, adds Jamie. It is a wonderful thing that they have great role models like TJ, Taylor, and Mike to look up to, thanks again to the three Catamount legends!

Mike Trimboli Video

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