The Bellcate Community Club will continue to provide presentations on topics that are relevant to issues facing adolescents and their families. We would like to thank Detective Corporal Rene Young, from the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations, for coming to the school to discuss Internet Safety. Parents can learn more by going to:

On Wednesday May 8th there will be a presentation on Electronic-Cigarettes and Vaping, from 5-6:30pm. (Pizza will be served). This coincides with a 4 Square evening, so drop your child off at Lily’s Gym and come to the main site for the presentation.

Please call Lisa at 802-355-4925 to RSVP

Starting with the new 2019 school year, Bellcate will be providing an Informative presentation each quarter. Please let me know what topics would be beneficial to you. This is a time to gain important information that will support you and your adolescent, and to feel empowered from being with other families with similar experiences.

Thanks and see you Wednesday,

– Lisa


  • Julie, Parent

    Since Dakota started at Bellcate 3 years ago, I have seen such a dramatic change in him. Not only has Dakota grown academically but socially as well. Before he started at Bellcate, he not only struggled with school (which he wanted nothing to do with) but he also struggled with not feeling like he was… Read more »

    ~ Julie