Many moons ago, a boy had a dream. That boy, Kade we’ll call him, wanted to create a play based on a class he was taking called Roleplaying. In this class a group of students created avatars to adventure in a fantastical land filled with honorable warriors, bold barbarians, wise druids, magical elves, and a host of monsters with less than friendly demeanors. These students developed their characters over time and had many glorious encounters with wizards, the living dead, ogres, manticores, and a plethora of other magical beasts. Kade, our playwrighting boy, thought these adventures would make for a good play – filled with surprises, fun, friendships, and excitement. He set about to write his play. About halfway through the writing process, Kade decided he needed something new in his play. He needed the help of his peers! He wanted them to not only perform the finished play, but to help write it and create the humor and adventure it needed to be successful. So, he invited some friends: we’ll call them Hannah, Dakota, Thor, Ralf and Jordan. Together with his friends, and a little help from some teachers (we’ll call them Aaron and Josh), the play was written, edited, and even re-written when some of the humor was deemed not-funny-enough-for-government-work. Then it was time to rehearse, build sets, costumes and properties, secure a venue, memorize lines and build a production. That brings us to the here and now.

The Bellcate Theatre Club was founded by those same intrepid youth who wrote a play entitled The Dragon Kingdom. The Club meets monthly (sometimes more often) and uses this extracurricular time to rehearse, work on their lines, and soon they will use it to build the scenery, clothing, and items used in the forthcoming production of said play. The inaugural Club meeting was in January 2018. The club has met half a dozen times since then and they have determined that they will continue to build the behind-the-scenes and the literal scenic elements this summer, whilst memorizing the many lines spoken by their characters. Then they will create a rehearsal schedule for the fall and share the final production with friends, families and our bellcate community at the end of first quarter (approximately October 2018).

It has been a fun and challenging task to bring together 8+ people with different ideas of what’s fun, what’s interesting, what’s cool and to have them put together a piece of art that they all feel good about. Additionally, none of this would have been possible if these same people, many of whom have never been on stage before, hadn’t decided that their friendship with Kade was important enough to push past their own fears and anxieties. They have decided to stand together, to laugh together, and to share their inner selves with a broader community of people who love and care about them. When you think about it that way the considerable time it takes to create and perform such a piece seems less daunting. And the way the Bellcate Theatre Club thinks of it: it’s just more time with friends, having fun, and doing something beneficial for our community. Keep your eyes on the website this fall for more details about our performance of an original Bellcate play: The Dragon Kingdom!