Every year Jericho residents, Ann and Jerry Squires, light between 400-600 pumpkins on Cilley Hill Road in Jericho for friends and neighbors from all over Vermont to enjoy. This year it’s on 10/30 and 10/31 at dark. For the past few years Bellcate School Staff and students have taken part by helping to set up pumpkins the day before Halloween and by taking the grand pumpkin walk together as a community on Halloween day.

This year Bellcate School has expanded our participation by dedicating a pumpkin carving lunch and coordinating a plan to represent our school with our own donated pumpkins. The Squires have been doing this for over 20 years and it represents the best of community building. There are no booths, advertisements or sales of any kind. This is simply a group of neighbors growing, carving and lighting pumpkins to share Halloween Spirit. Bellcate School consistently creates and/or identifies opportunities and environments that align with the needs of our students and families so all of our children can access and enjoy learning and community. We thank the Squires for the heart that goes into this seasonal activity and we look forward to years of supporting our students’ attendance and participation.