As parents, we really wanted simple things for our children…….to be happy and feel success in their life, whatever that may be for them. One year ago our son was not attending high school, experienced very little joy and isolated himself from his family and life. It was frustrating and scary and we felt very hopeless on many days. We were introduced to Jesse and Bellcate School as an alternative placement and a year later all I can say is why didn’t we meet them sooner? As an outsider initially it was amazing to watch how the staff made certain that each student had a purpose ( based on their abilities), as part of the Bellcate community. Everyone was included and the students support each other’s successes. Bellcate has helped our son find his way to be successful. The one to one and individualized classes that speak to his interests and help him engage have made daily school attendance a reality for the first time in two years. There were rough days but we really felt supported as parents, with the staff guiding us during some of our most trying moments. For the first time in years we didn’t feel like we were the only ones who cared or that we were alone in this quest to grow a happy human! He’s learned about self-reflection, and overcoming the obstacles that have threatened his life participation and goal achievement. He had always enjoyed learning before but anxiety and depression made that impossible. Now he likes school again and talks about a future. He smiles more and is able to enjoy time with his family. The staff at Bellcate are an amazing group of dedicated and caring individuals. From event participation to daily positive attitudes to case manager check ins at all hours, this staff is really engaged with the students and they have made such a difference in our lives.