Since Dakota started at Bellcate 3 years ago, I have seen such a dramatic change in him. Not only has Dakota grown academically but socially as well. Before he started at Bellcate, he not only struggled with school (which he wanted nothing to do with) but he also struggled with not feeling like he was being  heard or understood. My son felt because he was different nobody cared about him or his feelings. Becoming a Bellcate student has changed all of that because of the acceptance, support, and unconditional love he receives everyday. It is so amazing to know that as a parent of a child with special needs not only does my son receive support but I do as well. I know that anytime I need to reach out I can just pick up the phone and someone who cares will be available to help no matter what. I am also supported by fellow parents and that means more to me than anything. I cannot express enough gratitude to everyone at Bellcate for all of the amazing work you do everyday but mostly for helping my son feel like that he is accepted and understood. It feels so good to know that there are people in the world who do love and accept my son for who he is.