We are so fortunate to have a variety of educational, fun and interesting classes offered to our son as a student at Bellcate School.  This quarter, one of his classes is called, “Bellcate Dog Treat Business Class”. It’s a new and exciting class that teaches him the fundamentals on how to run a business.   He’s learning so many important skills in this class and most importantly, having fun and increasing his confidence. His class is all hands-on, which in our opinion is the best method of learning for him.

We are so lucky that Bellcate School focuses on vocational and life skills when many other schools are cutting those programs.  He likes to bake at home, and now he gets to bake dog treats at school. He’s also labeling, sorting and packaging the dog treats. When it was time to go out into the community to promote the dog treats, he was all for it.  He enjoyed meeting new people and talking to them about how healthy and nutritious the dog treats are. He’s very proud to know that something he’s making at school is being sold and bought in our community.

As parents, we think the best part about our son being in Bellcate Dog Treat Business class, is that it’s a real thriving business and as the business grows, so does he in his skills, education and his opportunity for future employment.  It’s a win win for the students, the school, the community, and of course the doggies.

~Forest & Kara