Honoring a Vermont tradition that goes all the way back to the 1970s, Bellcate School spent their Monday out in the surrounding neighborhoods picking up trash, recycling, and helping the environment.  Although Green Up Day was officially last Saturday, the staff and students at Bellcate wanted to do their part to help make our corner of Vermont beautiful!  Most people noticed that, at first, there seemed to be less trash than last year, but by the end of the day there was a huge pile of tires and furniture and trash in front of the school!  Students pointed out that most of the debris that was picked up was probably thrown from cars and included: waste from fast food spots, bottles and cans, and a lot of paper products.  There are some construction projects in our area, and there was a lot of trash generated by those projects to be picked up too.

Staff and students at Bellcate feel that this is an important part of our role in the community, and we take our responsibility to the environment seriously.  We also have a lot of fun working together and making some cool memories!  It’s always interesting to hear stories about finding old tires in the woods, random furniture, or even a cow’s skull!  Like everything we do at Bellcate, we like to have fun and spend time together while working toward a good cause – helping the environment.


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