On August 20th and 21st, Bellcate held its 1st annual Parent Volunteer Days. At Bellcate School, we stress the importance of ‘community support’ with our students, and what a great way for parents to recognize the significance of this value and lead by example! With our offices and classrooms in disarray from getting them ready for new carpet to be installed and staff preparing curriculum for the new school year, we cannot thank the parents enough for giving us a hand. Our community becomes stronger when we work side by side.

So, a shout out to Dimi C, Racheal and Bob P. , Stacy and John K, Jason M, Amy B, Tracey T, and Joy and Jason D. You all jumped right in and said “I’ll do anything”. Some folks, like Racheal, probably regretted saying this after. She definitely wins for tackling the most disgusting job! Parents did an incredible job painting. From touching up walls to painting doors, bookcases and shelving. Cleaning our front entryway, helping staff put our classrooms back together, working on crafts and cleaning our grill.
Staff are so appreciative for parents taking the time from their busy lives to support the Bellcate community.