Hello, and welcome to an update from Bellcate School’s Transitions Team for the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic school year. This year we have a lot of new and exciting things happening for our transition age students!

To get things started, let me first explain what transitions means. Transitions refer to how our students will learn the necessary transferable skills to be successful throughout their lives post Bellcate. This process becomes formalized when students turn 16 years of age and a Post-Secondary Education Plan gets added to their academic goals in the IEP. In general, a post-secondary education plan will include goals related to education and training, employment, independent living skills, community access and self-advocacy. Each post-secondary education plan is individualized for our students through connecting with me- Alex Rocheleau, Bellcate School Transition Director.

Most commonly at Bellcate some of our students schedule is dedicated to the Education and Training goal area, the Employment goal area and the Independent Living goal area. In practice, this looks like:

  • Students enrolling in Vermont’s Dual Enrollment Program to take college level courses related to subject area’s they either need to learn or want to learn.
  • Students engaging in Bellcate School’s Progressive Employment Program to build on skills, knowledge and experience they will need to be successful in the workplace, as well as a focus on daily chores and living skills tasks that every individual needs to learn to lead successful, holistic and well-rounded lives.
  • Students taking permit studies and drivers education.
  • Students taking PSAT and SAT prep courses as well as registering for and taking the tests.

This quarter, some specific examples of students working on these goals’ areas are:

  • Three Bellcate students are taking college level courses either at UVM on campus or through an online learning format.
  • Three students are engaged in work experiences out in the community, these community work sites are Marshall’s in Williston, Green Mountain Electric Supply in Colchester and the ECHO Center in the heart of Burlington.
  • Several students are taking permit studies and driver’s education.
  • Several students are taking psat and sat courses in preparation for the upcoming tests.
  • We also have a wide range of students fulfilling Bellcate Jobs.

As always, if you have any questions or interest in our transitions program please contact me.


Alex Rocheleau, LICSW

[email protected]


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