On March 22nd, Bellcate School hosted our 3rd Annual Parent’s Night Out event at the Holy Family Parish in Essex. A few years ago a number of parents advocated for an opportunity to spend more time getting to know Bellcate Staff and one another and from this Parent’s Night Out was born. Jac Treanor, Bellcate Events Director supported by Bellcate staff and students work hard each year to listen to our parents and organize an event that aligns with the needs and interests of our parents. “Bellcate parents have a unique and shared experience of living with, parenting, teaching and raising young people with a wide range of needs. There are so many stories to share and providing a night out, without the kids, is so important,” Said Jac.

The 3rd Annual Parent’s Night Out was complete with delicious food from Dutch Mill Catering, entertaining music and comedy from Say it Forward Productions and great company with the Bellcate Family all coming together. “This is a wonderful initiative to inform parents about all of the cool Bellcate stuff and for parents to get to know each other. Many Thanks,” Gail, Bellcate Parent. The purpose of this annual event is to celebrate our Bellcate Community or as we like to call it, our Bellcate Family. “The parent evening was so special. I truly admire how dedicated and committed the Bellcate staff members are. The spent all day teaching, caring for, and encouraging our children. Then they tirelessly organized, decorated, presented and entertained us at Parent’s Night Out. I appreciated being able to get out of the house to meet and talk with other parents who are kindred souls. I cannot thank Bellcate enough for the lovely evening, the stories, music, the laughter and for all you do all yearlong,” Melissa, Bellcate Parent.

Our hope is that through events like these, the primary care providers for our students will feel more connected to not only Bellcate School but also to each other. “The Parent/Guardian dinner was such an enjoyable experience for us both. Most of us struggle and feel isolated in this experience for so many years before we finally get to Bellcate. Having the opportunity to meet new parents and share our stories of past school experiences and new school experiences at Bellcate is so therapeutic. It just reaffirms that we are not alone anymore, we have a whole community of amazing people to take this journey with. Thank you Bellcate for offering this chance to meet other parents. If the Bellcate Family didn’t go the extra mile for their families we would not have opportunities like this and I look forward to all of the future activities we can share in.” Jody, Bellcate parent, said.

The feedback we received about this year’s Parent’s Night out was amazing. So many parents contacted the school directly to share their positive experience. ” Jac I cannot say enough about the Bellcate staff. You folks are the true heroes for our children. I don’t know where we would be without Bellcate. Thanks for all you do,” Loren, Bellcate Parent.

So, with another Parent’s Night Out in the books, now it’s the season to support Bellcate Gold Basketball, the next ABLE Art Opening, as well as, the Annual Spring Music Concert. Check the calendar and SAVE THE DATES!