Greetings from Bellcate’s Radio Broadcast Team – WbcR! Check out the two lastest shows from our student – that were broadcast on WBTV 99.3

11/22/18:  WbcR’s seventh broadcast is a tribute to the band Queen in honor of the music biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  DJ Ja Mu (JB) has an all live Queen music set and DJ Cowboy (DD) plays classics and fan favorites from the seventies.  Enjoy this rare tribute show from WbcR!!
12/12/18:  WbcR’s eighth broadcast sees all the DJ’s come together as a music collective to bring us Holiday favorites from around the Globe.  It is truly a “Snowglobe Holiday” when DJ Ja Mu takes us to Chile and Italy.  DJ Cowboy serves up some traditional country music fare, and DJ Maxx (ZH) brings it all home with a EDM flavored Holiday spirit.  Enjoy the music and Happy Holiday’s from all of us here at WbcR!!


  • Rachael, Parent

    As parents, we really wanted simple things for our children…….to be happy and feel success in their life, whatever that may be for them. One year ago our son was not attending high school, experienced very little joy and isolated himself from his family and life. It was frustrating and scary and we felt very… Read more »

    ~ Rachael