Bellcate Brain Science students, inspired by their peer Dylan, decided to address the issue of socializing outside of school. Most Bellcate students have social therapeutic goals but the students say it is hard to get together for a wide range of reasons. Once per month, Bellcate gets a good turnout for “4 Square Night,” which is a family friendly social activity hosted and staffed by Bellcate School. The Brain Science students advocated to have a movie night that was semi-hosted and supported by the school but largely initiated by students with a greater level of independence. “This is honestly what every Director of a therapeutic school wants to hear,” stated Jesse Bell, Bellcate School Administrator. “Students developing a shared healthy interest and facilitating it themselves? It doesn’t get much better than that.” The class got right to work to develop a time, place and theme as well as a plan for transportation and communication. The students wanted just a couple of volunteer staff to join for support. And “Black Out-A night at the movies” was born. The Brain Science students did all of the thinking, planning and communicating. They decided on the movie Black Panther and created a cool theme of everyone wearing black to the event. Six students and three staff attended the social event with only two days’ notice. The crew met up at Essex Cinema at 6pm for the show. Everyone bought their own tickets and got snacks for the viewing. Students filed in together and sat independently from staff. “It is so cool seeing them enjoy a social night together without relying too much on our support,” said Josh Sinz, Bellcate Art Director.” “Can we do this every month?” asked Bev Spencer, Bellcate Program Instructor. The students jumped all over Bev’s idea and the second great idea was born…Bellcate Student’s Monthly Movie Night. The movie was a great success. The students had a really nice time and the reaction we got from parents was also very positive. “My son had a great time! I cannot remember the last time he went out with a group of friends socially.” –Bellcate Parent.