WbcR (We’re Bellcate Radio) had our 4th episode air on 3/31/18 with a music playlist of March Mashups! A mashup is a creative and transformative work in the form of a song created by blending two or more prerecorded songs. DJ’s Cupcake (Dylan), Thor and Cheddar (Eric) all had great playlists of classic rock, pop, classical and country mashups. As the hour long show moved on DJ Cupcake interviewed Bellcate School’s Events Director, Jac Treanor and DJ Cheddar interviewed Athletic Director Jamie Moore about the 2018 Basketball season. Check out the most recent episode of WbcR and many thanks to Scott (the engineer) and the folks at 99.3 FM WBTV Burlington for the air time.

Click Here to Listen to March Broadcast!


Director of WbcR (Bellcate radio)


  • Anna and Chip, Parents

    “Bellcate School is an amazing place. The school’s executive director and team are some of the most accomplished and talented educators and support staff we have ever met. They are committed to understanding the complex needs of each student. They will individualize an educational plan that incorporates a range of classes, social and extracurricular experiences… Read more »

    ~ Anna and Chip