2019 Has already brought two new First Annual events!  In preparation for the first ever Ravenscroft Maple Festival, a day in which Ravenscroft student participants and their trusty leader Dave Fay were able to show and teach us the art of making maple syrup, we were able to have a professional baker, Martina Pochop, from King Arthur Flour join us on March 14th. Students from Ravenscroft, Event Planning, Bee Keeping, Culinary, and Trades classes got to attend a block to learn how to make apple cider donuts from scratch. All in all, 20 students got to be involved. Many students, and staff, enjoyed the experience, and we can’t thank baker, Martina, enough for her detailed and experienced help!

On Monday, March 18th, Bellcate got to have our annual St. Patrick’s Day lunch. Bellcate provides the corned beef, and all of the staff contribute ingredients like, potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, parsnips, turnips, and cabbage. Kerry makes her famous soda bread too! It’s always fun to celebrate the traditional Irish meal, as well as, expose the students to foods they may not have eaten before!

This year, our lunch was followed by our Maple Festival. The school was split into 4 groups, and each group got to experience watching the sap boil while learning the science behind the process. Everyone got to learn some tricks of the trade, and they got to have some treats. Each guest at the festival, got to have a taste of warm maple syrup, learn about and eat a sour pickle, and then got to have an apple cider donut drizzled with homemade maple cream. All in all, our First annual Ravenscroft Maple Festival, was a huge success!


  • Kara, Parent

    “Bellcate School is a unique and special school that is completely dedicated to all of the student’s individual needs in a holistic approach. They improve their student’s lives academically, mentally, emotionally and physically in a community enriched environment. The wonderful staff have diverse backgrounds which enhances the variety of learning experiences the students acquire. The… Read more »

    ~ Kara