I wanted to take a moment and share some information about Bellcate’s juicing classes. For the past semester many of our students have been participating in a juicing project. These classes are intended to expose students to new flavors, encourage them to include more fruits & vegetables in their diet and gain valuable life skills. Students in a juicing class get hands on experience creating juice recipes, learning to operate a juicing machine, learning to make the juice, and also creating shopping lists and use the lists at a local grocery store. Bellcate Juicing promotes social skills and how to be a smart consumer. Additionally, when the kids have made their fresh juice creations they share it with other members of our community. Students learn about the ingredients and all of a sudden, kale doesn’t seem so scary! It has been wonderful to see our students open up to trying and enjoying fresh fruits and veggies. We are all looking forward to next quarter as we expand our recipes and use our fresh juice to create frozen treats and much more! Stay tuned and be sure to ask your student what kind of juice they made in class this week!

Program Instructor


  • Gail, Parent

    ​”When you walk in the door at Bellcate it is usually a beehive of activity. There are classes going on, meals being made, artwork and schoolwork being hung in the hallways, maybe gardening going on out front. There are kids of various ages and all levels of ability/disability busy with their school tasks. It may… Read more »

    ~ Gail