It is with great enthusiasm that Bellcate School introduces Computer Science to our course offerings. Starting second quarter Bellcate now hosts a computer science workshop for a double block on Fridays, facilitated by visiting teacher, Peter Miller.



Peter’s Bio-

” My first experience with computers was in the stone ages of computing, the early 1970’s, with a high school programming class. I graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics, where the focus was on using computational methods to solve problems with programming experiences in a number of languages. I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Systems Engineering. Presently I work for Global Foundries having transitioned from IBM, for over 30 years doing financial systems applications. I enjoy the hardware side of this technology; building, repairing and debugging countless computers. I have been deeply immersed in all aspects of computers for a number of decades and my approach has always been focused on making them useful and understandable for all people who just want to use them.”

Peter’s Computer Science course at Bellcate School will cover 4 main areas; Hardware, Internet and Networking, Productivity Applications and Programming. Our first students have responded with great curiosity and engagement. We look forward to working closely with Peter and our students as we continue to develop a comprehensive Computer Science Program at Bellcate School.